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Maintain full control over your digital content. Manage it with a clear overview via our platform and play it out on the channels that are relevant for you and your customers - live or on-demand.

Flexible pricing model
ISO/IEC 27001 certified and GDPR-compliant
Reliability and Security with 24/7 support
Over 1,000 leading brands and organizations use our streaming platform

Manage content centrally and control its targeted playout

With our platform, you can centrally control your streaming channels from one solution. In addition to delivering content via your own website & apps, you can easily control the playback via third-party providers such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
Manage your streams and content from one platform
Easy and quick setup

Reliable infrastructure in Europe and worldwide

We run our platform on our own infrastructure and work with you to move billions of objects every day. With our dynamically scaling infrastructure, we guarantee fast, secure and reliable delivery of your content.
Full GDPR compliance
Safe and reliable data storage
No reliance on third parties

Technically modular with transparent pricing

With our flexible pricing, you can add additional features depending on the package you choose. Get access to powerful modules like podcasting, webcasting, restreaming, and more. A suitable technical answer to your streaming needs, full cost transparency and our great support are what sets us apart!

Monitoring and analysis in real time

With our solution, you get a detailed insight into the usage behavior of your target group (s). Important metrics, such as playback rate, average time spent, playback breaks, and many more, break down for you which of your content is being consumed successfully and which is not.
Detailed insights into video interactions
Monitoring performance across platforms and devices

The all-in-one solution for companies

Broadcast & Media

Manage and stream your content easily and efficiently with our powerful platform. Reach and retain more audiences within your target groups.

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Internal communication

Use the expressive power of video to improve your internal communication. Distribute important information faster and more efficiently, and deliver relevant content as VoD.

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Entertainment & Culture

Whether concerts, plays, exhibitions or other performances. Increase your reach and retain the interest of your audience.

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Marketing & Sales

Higher lead generation and conversion, improved sales opportunities. Increase the impact of your campaigns and retain your customers.

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Premium Support

Should you need assistance in implementing your projects, our team will be happy to address your needs.

Not enough? For more critical projects and targeted wider reach, we offer even more comprehensive support. Choose one of our powerful support packages and benefit from our German and English-language support based in Germany, that can even be used around the clock.
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Most frequently asked questions

What is 3Q?

T3Q is a professional streaming and video hosting platform that provides robust solutions for live and on-demand video content. Key features include:

- Customisable player: supports brilliant picture quality and seamless playback.
- Live streaming: For 24/7 streams, events, conferences and webcasts.
- Video hosting: GDPR compliant with high security.
- Analytics: Real-time insights into viewer behaviour.

What information do I need to provide to log in to the 3Q platform?

To create a customer account, click on this link: or go to our website to create an account. The input masks guide you through the individual steps. The person who carries out the registration process has administrator rights for the customer account until further notice. The user name and password are the login details for a user account. Please ensure that the data stored here is complete and correct. The address, legal form and tax information are used for invoicing.

What payment options do I have and how do I get an invoice?

You can pay the invoices by credit card or SEPA direct debit. The payment method is selected when creating the customer account. A change is possible at a later date.

The monthly invoices are automatically sent to the email address provided when creating the customer account. In addition, the invoices are available for download in Account Management under Billing.

The invoice recipient can be changed in Account Management under Contract Sata. It is also possible to create several invoice recipients.

What are Projects on the 3Q platform?

On the 3Q video platform, the term “Project” refers to the two functional units with which you either send content in real time (live-stream) or provide content that can be retrieved at any time when needed (on demand).

Projects are the central element of a customer account. With a few exceptions, all functions of the account are linked to projects. Projects are managed via the project overview or the “Projects” menu item in the main menu.

Which browsers are supported?

The latest Internet browsers are supported.

What is a Livestream?

With a live-stream, you can broadcast audiovisual content or events 24/7.

You have the following additional options for live broadcasts:

- deliver two languages in a live-stream
- use a video file as a source for a live-stream - with the Vod-to-Live module and play it out in a time-controlled manner
- Re-streaming is possible with the 3rd Party Publishing module
- With the Multi-Channel Live-streaming module, you can deliver multiple live-streams via one player
- Live transcription for automated subtitling
- Using multi-CDN

What is VoD?

VoD stands for video on demand. With this type of project, you provide audio and video content that can be accessed online 24/7. Here you can also manage content for podcasts, on-demand webcasts and VOD-to-live, as well as recordings of live-streams created with the Live-to-VoD Recorder or the Timeshift-to-VoD function.

What is Multi-CDN?

With this module, you combine 3Q SDN with Akamai and/or ChinaCache CDNs. The resulting data transfer is evaluated according to time period, project and CDN provider. Please note that there are additional costs when using Multi-CDN. If the Multi-CDN module is not used, the data transfer takes place exclusively via the 3Q SDN.

What is Webcasting?

With the Webcasting module, you create landing pages for live and on-demand webcasts or webinars, equip the pages with functions and content and control the processes during the event. The module is suitable for public and restricted online events, such as live business events, lectures, online seminars, congresses and conferences, as well as tutorials and townhalls. The module supports individual webcasts and webcast series (parallel webcasts) as well as multilingual webcasts.

What is multi-channel live-streaming?

With this module, you can combine multiple live-stream projects in one player. The viewer can switch between content and live-streams in the player during the broadcast. Multi-channel live-streaming enables, for example, live broadcasts in several languages, broadcasts from different camera perspectives or the streaming of parallel online events.

Can I include ads in my video stream?

Yes, you can. With the Video Advertising module, pre-, mid- and post-roll ads are placed in live-streams and videos. To do this, you need ADTags or VAST URLs from VAST and vPAID-enabled ad servers or Google DFP (Google Ads).

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