Safe and easy: video hosting and streaming for companies

Network security and overload, compliance guidelines, GDPR conformity are relevant in your company? With our robust encryption and security features, you can always be sure that our video platform with its own infrastructure in Europe will always meet your business requirements.

Our expert customer support will guide you through the process of connecting to our video platform. And ensure that our platform and network architecture meet the needs of your business - now and in the future.

We have the safest solution for you

We are constantly developing and updating our platform to meet current legal and regulatory requirements. We guarantee you the safest environment for your live and on-demand video streaming.

An all-in-one platform that frees IT staff from time-consuming implementation

A user-friendly interface that allows even non-technical employees to stream without IT support

A comprehensive API for easy integration

Premium security and access management features for your entire organization

German-language premium customer service

100% GDPR-compliant German-language customer service

Over 1,000 leading brands and organizations use our streaming platform

Reliable infrastructure in Europe and worldwide

Our own infrastructure, located in Europe, offers reliable streaming solutions that adapt to your company's needs.
Full GDPR compliance
Safe and reliable data storage
No dependency on third parties

State of the art technology

Experience the highest quality video streaming with state-of-the-art CDN technology. Our reliable premium network guarantees a seamless streaming experience. Discover the future of video hosting now!
Adaptive streaming
HTTP 2.0+ over TLSv1.3+
Global Delivery
Best Path Routing
Tokenizing & Encryption
Fast RTT

Multi-CDN capability

We've partnered with leading providers such as Akamai, Google, ChinaCache, and Edgeio to help you deliver your content globally.

ECDN for internal networks

ECDN technology provides an efficient solution for delivering video content on corporate networks.
Reducing the load on the corporate network when there is a higher number of viewers
Scaling audience numbers without using additional hardware
Seamless integration with HTML5 web browsers through WebRTC
Intelligent load distribution within the network

Protect your content

We offer various options for restricting access to ensure the accurate delivery of your content. Make sure that your content is only available within a defined period of time, can only be played by authorized clients, or is only made available in specific regions.
Token Protection
Content Encryption
Domain Protection
Password Protection
Corporate Communications
Sales & Marketing
Event Management

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