Enrich your Corporate Communication with video

Corporate communication is the mouthpiece of every company — internally and externally.
You can achieve an authentic, informative and sustainable presentation of your company information with video content: live or available on-demand.

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Reach your employees worldwide and from anywhere with live webcasts. Whether in the form of town halls, management messages or product updates, with livestreaming, you can inform your employees about the latest developments anywhere — without logistical challenges


Present corporate news and economic indicators to investors, shareholders, the press or other target groups cost-effectively and securely via livestreams


Create video libraries for education and training to share new knowledge and promote employees' professional development

Corporate Video

Make your recorded livestreams or pre-produced videos available on demand so that your internal and external audiences can access them when needed.

Over 1,000 leading brands and organizations use our streaming platform

Performing Live Webcasts

As a professional streaming provider, we help you easily broadcast webcasts via livestream.

Various tools on our platform increase engagement and interaction and thus create an unforgettable livestream experience.
Live Polling
Live Q&A
Presentation Slides
Login and SSO
Accessibility through automated
subtitles and translation with AI

Embed Videos on-demand

Present training videos, recorded webinars, product launches, and marketing videos to the company with ease. Our easy-to-use system allows you to deliver these valuable resources directly to your intranet or website.
Easy Embedding
Player Branding
Highest level of safety
Integration into your systems
Role-based access rights
Automated Subtitling with AI

Interactive and engaging podcasts

Position your company and take on topic leadership with company-owned podcasts.
Easily create, publish, and manage your podcasts from a single platform.
Analyze metrics and overall performance
Central administration of Spotify and Co.
Use podcast content to expand and grow your brand

Corporate streaming in premium quality

Stream in the highest quality using state-of-the-art CDN technology. Our reliable premium network backed by an Enterprise CDN guarantees a seamless streaming experience for your audience.
Reducing the load on the corporate network when there is a higher number of viewers
Scaling audience numbers without using additional hardware
Combining global CDN and enterprise CDN
Intelligent load distribution within the network
Sales & Marketing
Event Management
IT (Information Technology)

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